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Simon Singh: to answer the deepest questions about the nature of the universe

Science writer and broadcaster Simon Singh has this to say: I have been asked this question several times over the last few weeks, or more specifically I have been asked why is the LHC important? For me, the LHC represents... Read More »

Laura Grant

Science communicator Laura Grant, in our first video submission:... Read More »

David Perks

David Perks is Head of Physics at Graveney School in London. He is a passionate defender of academic science education, co-founder of the Physics Factory and author of “What is science education for?” Science is for the young people I... Read More »

Adam Rutherford

Dr. Adam Rutherford, science writer and broadcaster who works at the journal Nature, writes: It helps me to think of why science is important by identifying two common errors that people, scientists and non-scientists alike, make when thinking about science.... Read More »

Tara Shears

Dr. Tara Shears, particle physicist, writes: I think it was Robert Wilson who, when asked what value particle physics research was to defending the United States, said “None, except to make it worth defending”. That statement encapsulates why, to me... Read More »

Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili, theoretical physicist, author, and broadcaster, writes: In 2009 we celebrate fifty years since C.P. Snow’s famous Cambridge lecture on the Two Cultures. He was referring in 1959 to the rift and irreconcilable differences, as he saw them, between... Read More »