A Massive Thank You

So, as you’ll notice if you look above this post, the film is finally done. A massive thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the project so far. I’ll be continuing to post answers to the question as they keep coming in.

As some of you know, the first idea for this project was to make a film; then this website came along. The film, ultimately, is the story of the website. I hope you’ll take the time and trouble to watch it here and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

I have one more favour to ask - please help this project to succeed further, and help other projects like it to take off, by spreading the word about it through your blogs, facebook and other social networking sites, and just emailing a link to everyone you know. You’ve all helped make this project, now please help get it out there.

Thank you, Alom.


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    This is really great! I'm trying to simplify science and critical thinking and make them more interesting and accessible to students and lay people. These wonderful, concise statements of why science is important as well as fascinating will help tremendously. I am placing a link on my home page today.

    Thanks to you and all who contributed.


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    This is really a great service to the cause of science Alom ,please go ahead!

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