Andy Miah: a window to the future of humanity

Andy Miah is Reader in New Media & Bioethics, University of the West of Scotland, and holds Fellowships at FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. He is Editor of Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty

Science is a window to the future of humanity. Its business extends far beyond the confines of laboratories and scientific journals. It inhabits our every waking moment, through the technologies we use in our daily lives, to the structures of organization that govern our communities. It holds the attention of the world’s media on a daily basis.

What happens in science underpins our progress and our survivability. It can also be the condition of our destruction, which is why we must involve ourselves within its work. And, despite its efficiency, rigorous attention to method and sometimes narrowness of scope, scientists are mostly just artists in lab coats.

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