Kat Arney: the importance of evidence in medicine

Dr Kat Arney is an ex-scientist and works as a Science Information Officer at Cancer Research UK, writing about the charity’s work and often appearing in the media. She writes for their Science Update blog, and produces and presents the Cancer Research UK podcast. In her spare time, she is a freelance science writer, and co-presents the Naked Scientists. And in the rest of her spare time she is a musician, playing in several bands. She rarely sleeps.


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    Kat, I just saw and admired your succinct YouTube video on the importance of evidence-based medicine, as it came up linked to our own video: "CureHunter's Brain on Breast Cancer."


    Our large array machine is dedicated to capturing and quantifying all the peer-reviewed evidence known (not just the "miracle" cures)and making it available to physicians in clinic worldwide. Showing the obvious intelligence of British medical scientists, is the fact that the British National Health Service is now the largest single user of CureHunter in the world :-).

    We would be interested in working with any university teaching center that might want to put computational evidence-based medicine itself on trial to see if its regular use in clinic does in fact save more lives and reduce costs.

    Please drop us a note if you know any team that might be interested or you would like to know more for Cancer Research UK.

    Be well,

    Judge Schonfeld
    CEO and Chief Scientist
    CureHunter Inc.

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    This is nice i was not aware that scientist can be multitalented and can perform such versatile jobs.

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