Ronan McDonald: Science is My Toolkit

Ronan McDonald is an engineer at heart, business developer at work, pilot at play and a teacher of science.

Science gives me my toolkit. I want to make things work. I need to know about the properties of materials, the combining of chemicals, the channelling of light, the extraordinary combination of magnetism and current, how to build machines so they work from the microscopic detail to the immense, and the very working of life.

I’m different from some scientists who find scientific endeavour a goal in its own right. Sure, fundamental research can be most impressive - show me a picture of a distant galaxy, the bits that make up the bits inside an atom, explain how continents move, why the dinosaurs live no more. But what really excites me is the complexity of learning that goes to make every aspect of a bicycle, a computer, a house, a glider work. I love the use of science for the benefit of people.

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