Robin Weiss part 2: helping win the battle against disease

Robin Weiss, Professor of Viral Oncology at University College London, is well known for his research on viruses. He identified CD4 as the HIV receptor on white blood cells and he studies emerging infections human infections. He conducts research on HIV vaccine discovery for the Gates Foundation. Robin is President of the Society for General Microbiology.


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    Unfortunately I can't take Robin Weiss too seriously when he talks about HIV/AIDS. I don't think he is being scientifically responsible enough. Take a look:

    "In countries and epochs in which communication is impeded, all other liberties soon wither; discussion dies by inanition, ignorance of the opinion of others becomes rampant, imposed opinions triumph; (the well known example of this is the crazy genetics preached in the USSR by Lysenko, which in the absence of discussions (his opponents were exiled to Siberia) compromised the harvests for twenty years. Intolerance is inclined to censor, and censorship increases the ignorance of the arguments of others and thus intolerance itself: a vicious circle that is hard to break."

    Primo Levi, "The Drowned and the Saved" 1988

  2. Hugh replied to comment from Sadun Kal
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    Dont be stupid. Nobody has the time and effort to be involved in a lame discussion on whether HIV exists or not!

  3. A C
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    Everyone watching this, please ignore the first comment. There's a growing movement of AIDS denialism propaganda. They use all the cheap tricks of the people who try to say that the Earth is only 6,000 years old; or that the holocaust never happened.

    Robin Weiss is a marvellous scientist, and a nice guy. He's put more time and effort into researching disease than most people can imagine. It's chilling that there's some weird internet campaign by cranks to discredit him.

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