Tim Jones: An Exquisite Corpse of why science is important

Tim Jones is a freelance science communicator with a diverse background in research and business. In 2008, Tim left a senior strategy position in industry to return to his roots and focus fully on sharing his broad interests in science and technology. Supporting that, he is now in the final stages of the Masters programme in Science Communication at Imperial College. Tim lives in London with his American wife Erin.

It’s very easy to put people into boxes: ‘public’, ‘media’, ‘scientists’. In April, I set out with my colleagues Arko Olesk and Graham Paterson to better understand the similarities and differences in how these supposedly distinct groups view science.

Our method called for an A3 sketch pad and fibre-tip pen. So armed, we accosted members of the public, scientists, and science communicators, and looking over their shoulders in the nicest possible way, asked them to DRAW what is important about science. We also recorded what they said while drawing, and to capture all this diversity in an intriguing and memorable way, stitched the pictures together in the manner of the surrealists’ Exquisite Corpse.

The Exquisite Corpse of Science from Tim Jones on Vimeo.

We believe the technique catches those instinctive responses that might be lost in a more considered written answer. I think sketching is also a great leveler between the various groups we interviewed - as few of us are great artists!

Interest in the project has prompted me to invite literally everybody to send me a picture (and audio if they like) via the dedicated email address corpse@communicatescience.com. I am joining these into one big Exquisite Corpse of Science mosaic, which will be accessible online and also in 3D in Second Life. Theoretcially, there is no end to this piece of ‘Sci-Art’. To take part, follow the instructions here at the Zoonomian blog.

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