Rebecca Nesbit: Because we like eating cake

Rebecca Nesbit studied butterfly migration at Rothamsted Research for her PhD, which involved using radars and ‘flight simulators’ to work out how Painted Ladies travel between north Africa and the UK. She now blogs at The birds, the bees and... Read More »

Peter Madelaine: Excitement, Fascination, Intrigue, Discovery

Peter Madelaine is retired and studying Maths, Physics and Astronomy at The Open University. He is an active astronomer and is involved in public outreach. Before retiring, Peter worked in the software industry and was a university lecturer in computing.... Read More »

Sylvia McLain: 'discoveries' come from the most unexpected places

Dr. Sylvia McLain has been a field biologist, a fisheries field technician, a English teacher in China, an evolutionary biology technician, a high school science teacher, an inorganic chemist, a condensed matter physicist and is currently pharmaceutical science research fellow... Read More »

Martin Budden: it encourages us to question authority

Martin Budden is a software architect. He has spent most of his working life riding the roller coaster of the microprocessor revolution. As one of the original developers of the Symbian operating system his code is in hundreds of millions... Read More »

Mark Jones: A Lesson Plan

Mark Jones is a Philosophy graduate now teaching Science at a Pupil Referral Unit in Hertfordshire. Mark taught Science at secondary schools for 15 years and has just completed an SASP course improving his Physics credentials at the East of... Read More »

Tim Jones: An Exquisite Corpse of why science is important

Tim Jones is a freelance science communicator with a diverse background in research and business. In 2008, Tim left a senior strategy position in industry to return to his roots and focus fully on sharing his broad interests in science... Read More »

Laura Goodall: because it creates wonderful new opportunities and gives us choices

Laura Goodall is a science communicator with a background in human genetics. She currently works at Science Photo Library and in her spare time she freelances as a science writer. She is also Publications Secretary at the British Science Association’s... Read More »

Nigel Henbest: moving on from gods and demons

Nigel Henbest is an award-winning writer and TV producer, specialising in science and space. A founder of the leading independent television production company Pioneer Productions, his major television credits include the series Body Atlas, Universe, Edge of the Universe and... Read More »

Heather Couper: the driver behind our culture, our mores, and our belief

Heather Couper is an international broadcaster and writer on astronomy, space and science. Although a scientist by training, she has spent the last twenty years working entirely in the media. She has hosted many TV programmes and radio shows -... Read More »

Anna Starkey: it's the process of science that's important

Anna Starkey is a writer, producer and science communicator. With a passion for physics fuelled by an incredible teacher, Frank Close’s Royal Institution Lectures and numerous school trips to CERN, she was inspired to study physics and science communication. Since... Read More »