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It’s been a good week - lots of contributions still coming in from the likes of Roger Highfield, A.C. Grayling (both going up on the site soon) and Becky Parker - a science teacher who is inspiring not just to her students, but also to others in the profession. If all students could have someone like Becky teaching them, there would be no need for this project.

If you’re wondering why I’ve used a Billy Joel song title for this post, it’s to remind you to let other people know about this project. It’s all very well that us geeks sit around saying how important science is, but unless we share the message with the public at large, we’re just preaching to the choir. So, stick a link to the website on your facebook status, send it out in a mass email to your colleagues or tattoo to your forehead and walk round the streets with a sandwich board. Don’t be embarrassed - just tell yourself that geek is chic, or the new black or something.

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    I strongly believed that science is very important because it gives explanation that a normal people can't answer it even a fiction story or a theory but science do. And a lot of things that really makes the people curios science can give an answer to it!


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