Monthly Archives: April 2009

Nigel Henbest: moving on from gods and demons

Nigel Henbest is an award-winning writer and TV producer, specialising in science and space. A founder of the leading independent television production company Pioneer Productions, his major television credits include the series Body Atlas, Universe, Edge of the Universe and... Read More »

Heather Couper: the driver behind our culture, our mores, and our belief

Heather Couper is an international broadcaster and writer on astronomy, space and science. Although a scientist by training, she has spent the last twenty years working entirely in the media. She has hosted many TV programmes and radio shows -... Read More »

Anna Starkey: it's the process of science that's important

Anna Starkey is a writer, producer and science communicator. With a passion for physics fuelled by an incredible teacher, Frank Close’s Royal Institution Lectures and numerous school trips to CERN, she was inspired to study physics and science communication. Since... Read More »