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Because Barack Obama says so...

Sadly, I can’t claim that Barack Obama has personally contributed to this project (yet) but I thought it would be appropriate to make this the last post of the year. Obama’s speech is probably the best Christmas present many of... Read More »

Jacob Aron: doing more with sticks than making spears

Jacob Aron is a mathematician turned science writer, and is currently studying science communication at Imperial College London. He blogs daily about science and the media at Just A Theory Without science, you would not be reading this. Without science,... Read More »

Seth Shostak: more than just la dolce vita

Seth Shostak is Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California. Science is, very simply, our future. If someone asks me what differentiates Homo sapiens from the million other species on this planet, the answer is “not much”.... Read More »

Richard P. Grant: beautiful and essential

Richard P. Grant is a molecular cell biochemist pretending to be a structural biologist. He writes fiction under the pseudonym ‘rpg’ and can be found changing the world at Nature Network When people think about science they often frame answers... Read More »

Beulah Garner: protecting species for the future

Beulah Garner is a natural history curator at the Horniman Museum and a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society.... Read More »

José Xavier: my way of helping the penguins

Dr José Xavier is a marine biologist working in Portugal, the UK and France on Antarctic marine animal behavior. He is responsible for coordinating research, education and outreach projects devoted to the Polar Regions to address science questions. Science is... Read More »

Frank Swain: evidence to base our decisions

Frank Swain is a freelance journalist and creator of He previously worked at Sense About Science, co-editing There Goes the Science Bit, a report investigating dodgy science claims in advertising, and working with Newsnight to publicise the pseudoscience behind... Read More »

We really better have a good answer to this question next year...

2009 will see scientists, science communicators and science teachers all over the world celebrating “Charles Darwin’s scientific ideas and their impact around his two hundredth birthday” (it also happens to be 150 years since the publication of “On the Origin... Read More »

Paolo Viscardi: a powerful tool based on what's real

Paolo Viscardi is a natural history curator at the Horniman Museum in South East London. He is also involved in science outreach through Ask a Biologist... Read More »

Sandy Starr: The Political Importance of Science and the Scientific Importance of Politics

Sandy Starr is Communications Officer at the Progress Educational Trust, a registered charity that works to create an environment in which research and practice in genetics and assisted reproduction will thrive. He is an evangelist for the view that political,... Read More »

Viktor S. Poór

Viktor S. Poór is a PhD student at University of Pécs, Hungary. He studies the role of hepcidin in iron metabolism, while in his spare time he creates the life science webcomic Stripped Science.... Read More »

Dipanker Home: an integral ingredient of human culture

Dipankar Home is Professor of Physics at Bose Institute, Kolkata. He is also author of “Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Physics”, “Einstein’s Struggles with Quantum Theory: A Reappraisal” with Andrew Whitaker and “Riddles in your Teacup” with P. Ghose. From a... Read More »

Roger Highfield: we're all born scientists

Roger Highfield is Editor of New Scientist. He has “written half a dozen books, sat on a few committees and was the science editor of The Daily Telegraph for two decades”.... Read More »

Tell her about it...

It’s been a good week - lots of contributions still coming in from the likes of Roger Highfield, A.C. Grayling (both going up on the site soon) and Becky Parker - a science teacher who is inspiring not just to... Read More »

Becky Parker: first video response from another science teacher

Dr Becky Parker is Head of Physics at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury. She is also Director of the Langton Star Centre and plays a key role in enhancing astronomy and science education for the school’s... Read More »

Matt Day: What the hell is going on?

Matt Day is a publisher at Nature Publishing Group The big question in life for me is “what the hell is going on?” That’s just a restatement of the age-old questions “who am I, where am I, how did I... Read More »

Welcome to readers from the Year of Science website

Read More »

Our Place in the Universe

I have written here before that science is probably our best shot at finding out about our origins and whether we’re alone in the universe. This film, which I made as part of a project with Dr Tara Shears, reveals... Read More »

Martin Robbins: Effective democracy depends on it

Martin Robbins is a scientist with a background in complexity and ecology, and is currently working in industry. He blogs at The Lay Scientist, and runs the Blogging on Pseudoscience Database. A democracy works on the principle that people are... Read More »